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The Turtle Rock breeding program is focused upon quality, athleticism, consistency, and strength of pedigree. Whether you are looking to purchase one of our youngsters, incorporate our bloodlines into your own program, or start your first foray into breeding, our staff of professionals will work tirelessly to ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction.

The foals from our breeding program have every advantage as they develop into outstanding youngsters. We continually evaluate our nutrition program with leading industry experts and work closely with our veterinarians and farriers to optimize developmental success.

In addition, Turtle Rock is pleased to offer on-site artificial insemination and embryo transfer services as well as stallion collection and semen transportation, live cover management and frozen semen storage. Pregnant mare care and foaling services are also provided to our clients. Turtle Rock uses state of the art equipment under the supervision of experienced professionals to provide the best care and results.

Standing Stallions

Rodrigoo VDL

Dutch Warmblood Stallion
Indoctro x Jamaica